Episode 2.12: Going bowling…but where?

Iowa secures a post-season by beating up on a hapless Purdue squad, featuring Canzeri and Schumpert (yeah, really).  Our guest is an Iowa Wrestling Celebrity, who matriculated under an Iowa Wrestling Legend: Gable himself.  And we take a week off of our own…but not before looking ahead to Michigan and kNebraska.

12 Saturdays Podcast #12: Yes, we are still doing this….

Another week, another loss, and another podcast where the guys discuss what has gone wrong (spoiler: Everything) and right (Not Much) with the 2012 Hawkeyes.  Also, Nebraska: Yeah or Nay?  The long-term value of halftime speeches is examined, and a Friendly Wolverine drops by….

12 Saturdays Podcast #11: Hoosier Friend in Indiana?

The guys try to muster up some emotions for the remainder of the season.  James reopens the 2010 argument (again).  Tory’s article is a hit, but even he is in a dark place.  We reconnect with a Hawkeye in Indianapolis who provides intel on Purdue and a “special evening” at Illinois in 1990.