Episode 2.5: That Felt Good….

The guys discuss the Epic Beatdown of Western Michigan, and what it means.  Our expert attends sporting events and music festivals to escape his daily grind of photographic bikini models.  And we look ahead to Minnesota, and the battle for Floyd.

Episode 2.4: The best thing about Ames is when you leave….

Hawkeyes take care of business in Ames, despite the best efforts of ISU’s passing game and Iowa’s secondary.  The guys discuss the identity of the 2013 Hawkeyes (so far), look forward to the last non-conference home game, and chat with an expert who knows how to enjoy a frigid Great Lake.


And here are are some pictures of Eric and others actually surfing Lake Michigan. We didn’t make it up!





Episode 2.3: Ugly Win is Still a Win

The guys discuss angst in Hawkeyeland after a win against Missouri State. A Disney expert visits from a magical kingdom, where beer is black and hurling is something you pay to watch.   Oh, and is there a game this weekend?  Who are we forgetting to mention?

Episode 2.2: Meet the new Hawks. Same as the old Hawks?

Week 1 is done, and the guys break down the most recent heartbreak at Kinnick.  Tory’s spouse shares her expertise, and makes us both feel fat.  Confident predictions are made for Missouri State.