If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Opportunity calls, but Hawks let it go to voicemail. Now that both a trip to Indy and a playoff spot are off the table, what’s ahead in Iowa’s season?  Bounce back to a decent bowl and 10 wins? Or continue sliding towards 8-5 and a date in Tampa…

Stanley: Beast Mode

Stanley throws for 6(!) TDs, one even to a Wide Receiver, as Iowa rolls over an upstart Indiana squad.  Fan favorite Scott Dochterman (@ScottDochterman) joins the show to discuss the win, Iowa’s renewed shot at the B1G West, Maryland, and where the hell is Montenegro anyway?

Time to Get to Work.

Offense: Check. Defense: Big Check.  Non-Conference Foes Eliminated: Done.  Hawkeyes dispense UNI under the lights at Kinnick, and prepare for Wisconsin.  But will they face a cornered and wounded Badger, or a deflated rodent?  Guest: OL Ninja Mike Zierath

Everything is ugly, except the W

The offense sputtered for 3 quarters, but the Hawkeye D choked the life out of ISU, and Iowa grabs its fourth consecutive victory over Campbell’s Crew from Ames.  We discuss the win, look ahead to Wisco—er, UNI, and talk with one of our favorite guests, Tom Kakert (@hawkeyereport).


It’s that time again!

The mornings are a bit cooler, the days a bit shorter, and a sneaky-good MAC team is packing their gear for Kinnick.  It’s time for Iowa Football, 2018 edition.  Join the 12Saturdays crew as we chat with former Hawkeye RB Jordan Canzeri, and digital media guru Scott Dochterman.


Hawks end the 2017 season on a high note, thumping their “rivals” to the west.  We chat with @marcmorehouse to discuss the Nebraska win, and what it means for Iowa’s bowl prospects.

Marc Morehouse covers Iowa Football for the Gazette, and on Twitter at @marcmorehouse     

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