Grandpa, tell me about the Great Buckeye Massacre

Reember this one, because you’ll be talking about it for years. Iowa dazzled, dominated, and ultimately overwhelmed the hapless Buckeyes from “The” Ohio State, The superlatives pile on like Jackson INTs and Stanley TDS to TEs:  Biggest lost in Urban Meyer’s career, most points scored against OSU, biggest OSU loss since 1994, only the 4th Iowa win in (most) living memory.

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Growing frustrations

Iowa trips over its own miscues and hands Northwestern an overtime victory in Evanston.  With the West now out of reach, what does success look like for the 2017 Hawkeyes?

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Oh so close…

Barkley was a Superman, but Iowa brought the kryptonite on Defense and nearly pulled off another prime time upset. We pick up the pieces of Saturday’s heartbreak with Tom Kakert of, and look ahead to a road date with the Spartans.

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High Steppin’ to Conference Play

Wadley scores! Er, wait….

Iowa dispatches the North Texas Green Beans in ugly fashion, as it prepares for a visit from Penn State.  Former Iowa LB RJ Meyer tells us about the dawn of Ferentz’s tenure at Iowa, and we look ahead to the B1G opener.

¡El Assico Fantastico!

Nate Stanley emerges, Wadley dazzles, the youngsters shine and Iowa overcomes a swooning defense to escape Ames with a win.  We break it all down in this episode, with guest Matt Randazzo (@MattRandazzo), sports director at WQAD.


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Rustlin’ Cowpokes

Not much giddy-up from these Cowboys, as the Hawkeye defense smothers Wyoming and their first round QB.  On the other sideline, Iowa QB Nate Stanley finds his sea legs after feeling a bit Fant.  Marc Morehouse joins the crew to talk Iowa football and beer  Yeehaw!


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We’re Back! Now with 50% more Derp!

Did you ever feel that the 2016 season just didn’t live up to the hype? Was it the Outback bowl, or losses to NDSU and NW, or the fact that your favorite podcast was on hiatus?

Well good news, Everyone! At least one of those problems is fixed, starting today.  12 Saturdays is rebooted and back online, and our friend Bill Delehant joins the inanity.  Check out this week’s episode, where we discuss Iowa’s 2017 prospects with Scott Dochterman from LandOf10.

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This year in Pasadena.

Hawkeye Nation rides an emotional roller coaster, with a tough last minute loss in the Championship, followed by jubilation at an invitation to the Rose Bowl.  To paraphrase a Reddit poster (who says nothing else): “Sunshine has led us to the Promised Land!”