12 Saturdays Podcast #11: Hoosier Friend in Indiana?

The guys try to muster up some emotions for the remainder of the season.  James reopens the 2010 argument (again).  Tory’s article is a hit, but even he is in a dark place.  We reconnect with a Hawkeye in Indianapolis who provides intel on Purdue and a “special evening” at Illinois in 1990.

7 thoughts on “12 Saturdays Podcast #11: Hoosier Friend in Indiana?

  1. Ferentz is reluctant to play younger players for a couple reasons:
    1. Still has NFL philosophy i.e. put players on the field who give best chance to win. 2. Ferentz is aware he needs to keep seats full and fans happy. Therefore unwilling to prematurely develop players at the expense of losing games for long term benefit.

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