Still Perfect.

Another Iowa opponent goes down…but takes out an irreplaceable defensive star.  Can the battered and bruised–and undefeated–Hawkeyes scratch out another win before the bye?  Our guest is Hawkeye Report legend and industrial air quality nerd SwagSurfer02.

Set Wayback Machine to “Blowout”

Like a blast from seasons past, Iowa had its way with Northwestern, setting up a crucial four-week series to decide the Champions of the West.  Was this enough to pacify an unruly fan base?  And will Floyd stay home for another year?

Episode 2.10: No Bowl for You, Pat.

Iowa likely ended NW’s hopes for a post-season, and significantly raised their own.  The guys discuss the Overtime win over NW, and how it could be an inflection point for a turnaround season.  Our expert is part of a nationwide network to rescue and foster dogs in trouble.  We identify a few disturbing trends on offense, and look ahead to Saturday’s match-up against the Batchers.

Episode 2.9: That didn’t matter.

Iowa dropped its second game in a row last week, so why aren’t we angry about it?  A: Our guest.  Q: Who has first-hand expertise with a popular trivia game show? And will the NW game determine who goes bowling?

12 Saturdays Podcast #10: This Seems Familiar

The guys break down the loss to Northwestern and what it means for the Iowa program.  James is still angry, but Tory has moved on.  (To Basketball?)  Our NW guest returns to talk smack and wax political.  And two pervasive Internet arguments are tested.

12 Saturdays Podcast #9: The Meltdown–Part Deux

Can Iowa ever win again?  We discuss the disaster at Kinnick, and what it means for the 2012 and the program.  Our Penn State guest returns, but actually seems to pity us.  We interview a Northwestern Grad, who appears to offer us a 100 point spread.