12 Saturdays Podcast #9: The Meltdown–Part Deux

Can Iowa ever win again?  We discuss the disaster at Kinnick, and what it means for the 2012 and the program.  Our Penn State guest returns, but actually seems to pity us.  We interview a Northwestern Grad, who appears to offer us a 100 point spread.

1 thought on “12 Saturdays Podcast #9: The Meltdown–Part Deux

  1. Disagree with you guys on whether or not to put backup QB into a game when it’s totally out of reach. Leaving Vandenberg in would sear into his mind how humiliating playing his position can be…hopefully he won’t let it happen again. Secondly, you don’t want a young backup get hurt or worse yet, endure so much adversity that it affects his confidence in the future.

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