Back…and Less Worse Than Ever!

Another Iowa Football season is upon us, and the fanbase has spoken with one unified voice:  “Meh.”   Is an under-the-radar surprise season in the works?  Or will Ferentz & Co. once again fail to live up to lowered expectations?  What do you need to see to get back on the bandwagon?


Fresh off a forgettable victory over Purdue, the guys mercifully avoid discussing the QB situation. Which team currently has the inside track in the West? (Rhymes with “Schmasaska”).  Bye week is coming!

Episode 3.1: Football is back! Yay! And so are we! (*crickets*)

We’re back!  Join us for an abbreviated episode that begins with REM, ends on the Nazis, and hits a few high notes in between.  We also discuss the start of a new Hawkeye football season, predictions for 2014, and why UNI makes us nervous.