Set Wayback Machine to “Blowout”

Like a blast from seasons past, Iowa had its way with Northwestern, setting up a crucial four-week series to decide the Champions of the West.  Was this enough to pacify an unruly fan base?  And will Floyd stay home for another year?

The Trouble with Turtles.

Reactions to the bumbling loss at Maryland, and back-sliding in to the middle of the pack.  What does Iowa need to fix in the bye to make a run in the West?  Last episode until post-Northwestern.



Some pics from Torbee’s trip:





Chaos Reigns during Beer Week

Ranked teams were falling like leaves in October last week.  And with Iowa idle, the Guys had nothing better to do than pour a few craft beers and enjoy the carnage.  Will Iowa emerge from the bye with a renewed offense or SSDD?  And we go on location to @GreatRiverBrew in Davenport to learn more about the local scene.



Fresh off a forgettable victory over Purdue, the guys mercifully avoid discussing the QB situation. Which team currently has the inside track in the West? (Rhymes with “Schmasaska”).  Bye week is coming!

The Ballad of Ricky Beatherd

Iowa gets a new look at QB and the season gets a new lease on life.  The guys discuss the win at Pitt, Kirk’s QB dilemma, and the opening of conference play.

Same S***, Different Game.

The guys react to Lil’ Brother’s victory on Saturday, and discuss the pile of dung & cash better known as the Big Ten Conference.  Our guest is a veteran sports reporter that always holds coaches accountable.

Ow my Ball State!

The best thing about last week:  Iowa won. And the game-winning drive didn’t stall outside of field goal range, like say, the 10 yard line.  The guys break down the ugliest of ugly wins, wonder if the Tuesday News Gremlin is stealing Tory’s thunder, and look ahead to a visit from the Cyclones.

S3E2: UNI = Check. On to Ball State.

The Guys are Happy about the win, and looking forward to taking on Ball St.  Week 1 impressions of Iowa, the B1G, and ISU.  Our guest is Scott Dochterman, who tells his Tavian Banks story.

Episode 3.1: Football is back! Yay! And so are we! (*crickets*)

We’re back!  Join us for an abbreviated episode that begins with REM, ends on the Nazis, and hits a few high notes in between.  We also discuss the start of a new Hawkeye football season, predictions for 2014, and why UNI makes us nervous.