Floyd Rescued, Northern Border Secured

With Floyd by their side, the 2015 Hawkeyes sail boldly in to Uncharted Waters.  Here be there Dragons?  Nah, just Boilermakers.  Tory conducts field research to assuage his anger at the lack of Iowa Love by the national sports media.

Hoosier, check. On to the Pig

Indiana made it interesting, but against the 2015 Hawks, the outcome was never really in doubt.  Credit to CJ, the Defense, or…pickles?  Our guest is a returning fan favorite who educates us on football, fatherhood, and Star Wars.

Bye, Floyd

A group of kittens dressed in Iowa football uniforms were blown off the field Saturday, sending Floyd to Exile in his Northern Gulag.  Our extended guest is Tom Kakert (@HawkeyeReport), who critiques the game (bad) and program (in question).

Episode 2.6: Our Pig

Floyd stays home, and the guys examine the differences between this season and last.  Our Expert is a Hawkeye with a personal take on US/Iranian relations.  And we look ahead to a visit from Sparty.

Episode 2.5: That Felt Good….

The guys discuss the Epic Beatdown of Western Michigan, and what it means.  Our expert attends sporting events and music festivals to escape his daily grind of photographic bikini models.  And we look ahead to Minnesota, and the battle for Floyd.

12 Saturdays Podcast #6: Here Piggie Piggie Piggie….

Floyd is back home in Iowa City, much to the relief of Hawkeyes and the chagrin of our Gopher guest. An Internet Idiot disses Kinnick. Confessions about women in Iowa t-shirts and confrontation on an O’Hare jetway.

12 Saturdays Podcast #5: The Meltdown

Recovering from the shock of CMU, the conversation gets a little chippy.  Fortunately, no flags (or punches) are thrown.  Our Badger fan returns, but she’d rather discuss the NFL.  And we meet a rare species: The SoCal Gopher.