Episode 2.13: We’re back (for now)!!

After a week off, here’s a Very Special Thanksgiving episode! Iowa is back on the right side of the W/L column, and Bladel is back on the right side of the Equator.  Our expert is a professional poker player who employs a Ferentz-style analytical approach to her art.  And with one game remaining, we recap the chilly win in Kinnick and look ahead to kNebraksa.

Episode 2.12: Going bowling…but where?

Iowa secures a post-season by beating up on a hapless Purdue squad, featuring Canzeri and Schumpert (yeah, really).  Our guest is an Iowa Wrestling Celebrity, who matriculated under an Iowa Wrestling Legend: Gable himself.  And we take a week off of our own…but not before looking ahead to Michigan and kNebraska.

Episode 2.11: Last Act

The Hawkeyes were out-physicalled in a home loss to Wisconsin, mostly due to an offense that has gone AWOL.  Our guest is a DC journalist who lives at the epicenter of the political landscape.  And we look ahead to the last three games for bowl eligibility, starting with Purdue.

Episode 2.10: No Bowl for You, Pat.

Iowa likely ended NW’s hopes for a post-season, and significantly raised their own.  The guys discuss the Overtime win over NW, and how it could be an inflection point for a turnaround season.  Our expert is part of a nationwide network to rescue and foster dogs in trouble.  We identify a few disturbing trends on offense, and look ahead to Saturday’s match-up against the Batchers.