12 Saturdays Podcast #14: That’s a Wrap.

All bad things must also come to an end, and so we bid adieu to the 2012 edition of Iowa Football. The guys discuss some of the recent coaching changes, describe an encounter with a Nebraska fan, and share their wishlist to Santa for 2013.

Somehow 12 Saturdays meant 14 Episodes, but each one was a blast, and we hope our small & growing audience enjoyed them as well.

12 Saturdays Podcast #13: Groundhog Day

Did anyone see that coming? Yeah, pretty much everybody predicted a blowout in the Big House.  The guys discuss a new definition of “successful program.”  Maryland and Rutgers are (grudgingly) welcomed to the family.  And our Michigan guest skips the gloating to hope for an upset against Nebraska.




(Here are the states that James presented in the second segment).

Select Teams vs. Bottom Dwellers

12 Saturdays Podcast #12: Yes, we are still doing this….

Another week, another loss, and another podcast where the guys discuss what has gone wrong (spoiler: Everything) and right (Not Much) with the 2012 Hawkeyes.  Also, Nebraska: Yeah or Nay?  The long-term value of halftime speeches is examined, and a Friendly Wolverine drops by….

12 Saturdays Podcast #11: Hoosier Friend in Indiana?

The guys try to muster up some emotions for the remainder of the season.  James reopens the 2010 argument (again).  Tory’s article is a hit, but even he is in a dark place.  We reconnect with a Hawkeye in Indianapolis who provides intel on Purdue and a “special evening” at Illinois in 1990.

Tuesdays with Torbee: Reflections of Autumn

In this week’s column, Tory genuflects on all the things that make Autumn so special.  But something dark and angry seems to be lurking just below the surface…..

This and other great articles over at HawkeyeReport.com


12 Saturdays Podcast #10: This Seems Familiar

The guys break down the loss to Northwestern and what it means for the Iowa program.  James is still angry, but Tory has moved on.  (To Basketball?)  Our NW guest returns to talk smack and wax political.  And two pervasive Internet arguments are tested.